New Logo for the Coral Estates

May be an image of text that says "CORAL ESTATES Visit Coral Estates in SL Residential- Commercial Established Estate since 2007 Affordable pricing Great 24/7 Support Secure Prims & Bonus Prims Visit us and find the best Land for youir Secondlife"

New Logo for the Coral Estates



Coral Estates Well established estate in secondlife since 2007

Find the right land for your secondlife for a great pricing.

Decorated or not decorated we can provide you both of them just make your choice:)


Great Homesteads Deals

➔ Residential Homestead Estate manager
➔ Terraform allowed / NO premium account needed
➔ 65536 Sqm-5000 Prims - 6400L$/Week to 6700L$7Week
➔ 24/7 Tecnical support
➔ Privacy
➔ Buy price=first week tier
rental rent cheap stand alone Class 8 island isle sim 

CEO: Kristaki Hudson

InWorld Office: Estates Islands/121/139/22

Visit any of these available homesteads inworld the buy price is the first week tier

Mystical Moments H A L1 Sand Adult R 65536 5000 6398 W
Coral Arecife H A L1 Sand Adult R 65536 5000 6499 W
Coral Eve H A L1 Sand Adult R 65536 5000 6400 W
Sunset Bay Island H A L1 Grass Adult R 65536 5000 6599 W
Masija H A L1 Grass Adult R 65536 5000 6599 W
Coral Plume H A L1 Grass Adult R 65536 5000 6550 W
Porto Bravo H M L1 Grass Mature R 65536 5000 6400 W






Hey Everyone join us on Instagram and lets share pictures of your land decoration and stores in Secondlife


Hope to get invite from you and pics:)


CEO Kristaki Hudson


Reportage about Meta and Secondlife world

A reportage from this diari online about metaverse and secondlife

Good day

Kristaki Hudson

CEO Coral Estates



New Coral Estates Office

Dear Coral Estates Residents, i taken decision yesterday to revamp the office and the marina you might when you join the office old see a panel click on it and update your landmark. I join it here anyway in this Estate communication. Also to all of you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and luck in rl and to be sane  hope all rocks for ya also on your parcel sim or island:) Hug to everyone

Kristaki Hudson and the two lovely managers


( same sim but south is the office on map )

Great new sailing islands addition

Great new sailing residential bonus prims islands with 4 homesteads of 65536sqms each for open water sialing area and water activitys. Get great resdiential land parcels for your secondlife pop in and visit us at:


CEO Kristaki Hudson

Coral Estates lands rental in Secondlife

New office and boats slip

Great New office in the Coral Estates Islands and new boat slips design come in and visit


CEO Kristaki Hudson

Great new sailing islands addition

New islands residential private with great bonus prims has been added on the Sailing Coral Estates Islands come in and visit at:


Best residential water ways islands pricing and service on market


CEO Kristaki Hudson



Ebbe Lindberg passed away

All the Coral Estates Staff and our Coral Estates community send the condoleances to the LindenLab Staff friends and the Ebbe Family best thought and love and condoleances for this loss. Rest in peace Ebbe and thank you to all what you made for secondlife.


Visit his monument built by the moles on


Kristaki Hudson

CEO Coral Estates


Hacienda Airport New in the Coral Estates

There is a new location in the Coral Estates Sailing Islands. The Military has a base on Coral Hacienda and they agreed to protect our Estates Residential Islands and to share the landing Airstrip to the Coral Estates customers which like to fly on the open waterways high in the air or to land down with some friends and be picked up with their boat to their house. Feel free to visit Anyone is welcome there:


Have a nice day and hope you come in and stop by:)

Kristaki Huson

CEO Coral Estates

Flickr Page been updated

Come in and see great coral estates islands screenshots

 Welcome to Coral Estates and discover why so many have chosen us for their home and/or business. Since 2007, we at Coral Estates constantly strive to not only offer land at fair prices, but go above and beyond to offer services second to none on Second Life. With over 300 sims we absolutely have something to fit every need and every budget. We offer, 30,000 and 20,000 prim regions, 5000 prim homesteads, parcels in various sizes and our very own private sailing area that includes not one, but two marinas with boat slip rentals.

 Come by our office or contact any of our staff for information. We are more than happy to have you come live your Second Life dream with us, at Coral Estates.