Sailing Estates islands

A new addition of 12 sims has been added to the Coral Estates Sailing North of the Coral Estates private islands community


Pop-in and visit and spread the word of this wonderful tropical private islands


Kristaki Hudson


New Sailing Islands added to the Coral Estates Sailing island

Yesterday is born new islands north of our sialing estate feel free to come and visit and if you have any friends looking for land Tropical paradise and privacy pop-in at:


Kristaki Hudson
CEO Coral Estates

Happy New Year 2021

Hello Everyone!

Well this 2020 pandemic year is about to go over tomorrow... been long for lot of peeps around the world and on SL Tomorrow be passed.... So I wish you all a Happy New Year 2021 in Real Life and on Secondlife for your Secondlife. Thank you to be part of the Coral Estates Private Islands which saw the light in 2007. Me and the Staff hope you are happy and confortable on the Islands or parcel that you rent in the Coral Estates Islands. 2021 be here tomorrow and lets hope that this Virus will vanish so has he appeared and we wish you all Health, love and fun in your Real Life and on Secondlife for your Secondlife. Be all Safe and dancing in Secondlife for ever:)

Cheers from your CEO Kristaki Hudson and Coral Estates Staff - Leah Chardin - Sugarpie Froobert - Houdis Hancroft ( Our Managers )- Dawn Pienaar ( Our coder and talented programmer )

New Gallery of Coral Estates

Hello Everyone, Coral Estates has a new  gallery page. If you have spent time perfecting your home design and/or business and would like to have it appear on your gallery page please send photo to  Kristaki Hudson, at or inworld to Leah Chardin, Houdis Hancroft, or Sugarpie Froobert.

Please continue to check out the many new updates to our Coral Estates website.

Kristaki Hudson Coral Estates C.E.O.


Coral Estates announcement

Hello Coral Estates Residents,

Since yesterday we have finished our migration on our new database of the whole regions which are part of the coral estates in secondlife. The old atms has been removed and you will find new atms in office. The whole website has been re-vamped to be on a new predesign systems built in to ease your life on the tier atms and website login.

If you have any doubt on how works the new login im us we will help ya in a flash inworld.

CEO Coral Estates
Kristaki Hudson

Coral Estates announcement

In about one week we will start the migration from our old database to this new domain and database. if you read this message you might be contacted very soon from the Coral Estates Manager to be trasnfered. This will NOT affect your tier or prims. It will be a migration of sim name, tier amount, uuid key land infos and any profile infos from the actual atms to the new atms:)

Stay Tuned for any updates and if you have any cuestions im Kristaki Hudson The CEO of Coral Estates until its open.

Kristaki Hudson
CEO Coral Estates 2021 

Sailing sim cluster

We have been working hard to expand our service in second life. Because of this we have started a new group of sailing sims that surround out office.
If you like sailing and water this might be the home for you.

New Front Page Comming Soon!

Along with the new recent rental system updates, we will be implementing a few front page for This new front page will store information on new parcels to rent, information on the company has a hole and what we offer to you in second has a land renter. We plan to release in next month please keep advised for future updates.

New Panel Updates!

New Features

  • Bootstrap 4 Template
  • jQuery plugins for fancy visuals
  • Dynamically loaded pages
  • RESTful web application using flight php
  • Modular Object oreinted framework for easy upgrading
  • New relational database
  • PDO prepared sql statements
  • Full SQL error logging incase of sql attacks
  • RESTful API built into framework
  • Profile pictures requests directly from secondlife profile page

 Welcome to Coral Estates and discover why so many have chosen us for their home and/or business. Since 2007, we at Coral Estates constantly strive to not only offer land at fair prices, but go above and beyond to offer services second to none on Second Life. With over 300 sims we absolutely have something to fit every need and every budget. We offer, 30,000 and 20,000 prim regions, 5000 prim homesteads, parcels in various sizes and our very own private sailing area that includes not one, but two marinas with boat slip rentals.

 Come by our office or contact any of our staff for information. We are more than happy to have you come live your Second Life dream with us, at Coral Estates.