Vacant Coral Estates Parcels

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Commercial (24)

AerialsFAL1 Grass Waterfront Side EastC8192375023007
Coral IslandFML1 Grass Corner North WestC16384500045007
Coral LaceFAL1 Sand Corner North WestC327681500090007
Coral OwlFAL3 Grass Waterfront Side WestC16384600043007
Coral OwlFAL8 Grass Corner North EastC8192300023997
Coral SunsetFML2 Grass Corner South WestC16384500045007
Eternal LoveFAL2 Sand Waterfront Side NorthC8192300025007
EurekaFAL2 Grass Waterfront Side SouthC327681500085007
Fregate IslandFAL3 Grass Corner North EastC16384900049007
Fregate IslandFAL5 Grass Corner North WestC16384900049007
INSTRUMENTSFAL1 Grass Corner South EastC16384500045007
INSTRUMENTSFAL3 Grass Waterfront Side NorthC327681000080007
Jaguar IslandFAL2 Sand Waterfront Side NorthC327681500085007
Meridian IslandFAL1 Grass Corner North EastC8192375025007
Restful PleasureFML1 Grass Corner South WestC16384500045007
RideFAL3 Grass Corner South EastC16384500045007
Roxy IslandFML1 Stand Alone Full RegionC6553620000142507
San Fransisco VLEFML1 Full Estate Rights ManagersC6553620000145007
SplashFAL1 Grass Middle Side EastC16384600043997
TenerifeFML2 Grass Waterfront Side EastC16384600048007
UplandFAL4 Grass Gorner Side EastC16384802549557
WishesFAL1 Grass Corner South WestC16384900049007
WishesFAL2 Grass Corner South EastC16384900049007
Zenith IslandFAL4 Grass Waterfront Side SouthC8192375025007

Residential (37)

Applewood HillsHAL1 Homestead Full Estate ManagerR65536500069007
AzureFML4 Grass ModerateR16384750045007
Banana IslandsHAL2 Grass Corner North EastR16384125018007
Bond IslandHAL1 Sand Stand Alone RegionR65536500069997
Cannon CoveFAL16 Grass Waterfront Side WestR4096207116997
Cannon CoveFAL4 Grass Corner South EastR8192414333507
Cape ParadiseFML7 Grass Waterfront Side WestR4096187518007
Coral BarosFAL3 Grass Corner South EastR16384750050007
Coral LobsterHAL1 Sand Stand Alone RegionR65536500069997
Coral MamboHAL1 Sand Waterfront Stand AloneR65536500065997
Coral PalmsFAL5 Grass Waterfront Side WestR3276816650125007
Corsaire IslandHAL1 Sand Stand alone RegionR65536500064257
Cozumel BayFAL1 Grass Corner South EastR10240312535007
CreekHAL1 Grass Stand alone IslandR65536500065997
Creek IsleFML1 Stand Alone Full RegionR6553630000172507
Diamond LoveFAL5 Sand Waterfront Side WestR4096150013007
Diamond LoveFAL6 Sand Waterfront Side WestR4096150013997
EngelFAL2 Grass Corner North EastR16384750048007
Fantasy IslandsFAL17 Sand Waterfront Side WestR6144225019997
Fantasy IslandsFAL20 Sand Waterfront Side WestR8192300025007
FregateFAL1 Sand Waterfront South SideR327681500085007
Honors HideawayFAL17 Sand Waterfront Side WestR4096125013997
Honors HideawayFAL7 Sand Waterfront Side SouthR6144187522007
Horizon IsleHAL1 Homestead FULL ESTATE MANAGERR65536500069007
Isla EncantadaHML1 Homestead Stand Alone RegionR65536500064507
ItacaFAL1 Grass Corner South WestR4096207115997
KendhooHML1 Homestead Stand Alone RegionR65536500069997
Lake DestinyFAL2 Sand Corner Side EastR6144310726997
Lake DestinyFAL3 Sand Corner North EastR16384828755997
Marina CayHAL2 Sand Corner South EastR24576187527007
MisteryHAL1 Homestead Stand Alone RegionR65536500065007
Mystic DreamforestFML3 Grass Waterfront Side WestR16384828748007
NostromoHAL1 Sand Stand Alone RegionR65536500064257
Palm Park IslandHAL3 Grass Corner South WestR16384125018007
Star Beach IslandHML3 Grass Corner South EastR16384125017257
Tiki IsleHAL1 Homestead Full Estate ManagerR65536500069007
White Rock PointHAL1 Homestead Full Estate ManagerR65536500069007

Sailing (16)

Boom IslandHAL4 Sand Sunset Side WestS8192150023007
Caribbean WhispersHAL1 Sand Sunrise Side WestS547283413997
Coral BloomsHAL2 Sand Sunset Side WestS7680117019907
Coral DigitalHAL4 Sand Sunrise Side WestS563290015997
Coral EdgeHAL1 Sand Sunrise Side EastS409662411257
Coral LoungeHAL4 Sand Sunrise Side WestS6048129021997
Coral SandHAL2 Sand Sunset Side WestS555284614507
Coral StarsHAL1 Sand Sunrise Side WestS16128246035007
Coral SweetHAL5 Sand Sunset Side WestS395280312997
Coral VelvetHAL3 Sand Sunset Side WestS432085515997
Coral WestinHAL1 Sand Full Estate ManagerS65536500068507
Costa ParadiseHAL3 Sand Sunrise Side EastS10320157422007
Pitcairn IsleHAL1 Sand Sunset Side WestS10368158925997
Pitcairn IsleHAL3 Sand Sunset Side WestS8064123019257
Porto BelloHAL1 Sand Sunrise Side EastS304092714997
Porto BelloHAL2 Sand Sunset Side WestS5152157224997

Mixed (8)

AnkhFML1 Sand Stand alone IslandM6553630000169997
Blue IslandFAL1 Sand Stand alone IslandM6553620000150007
ChallengesFML2 Grass Corner South EastM16384600045007
Coral DreamFAL1 Grass Corner South WestM16384600045007
Coral OwlFAL1 Grass Corner South WestM8192300021997
Seductive RomanceFAL14 Grass Middle Side SimM8192300021007
Seductive RomanceFAL19 Grass Skybox Side MiddleM10243743007
Treasure IsleFAL1 Full Estate Manager RegionM6553630000165007

Displaying 85 Entrys

Total Sqm: 2,140,752 (32.7)
Total Prims: 519,939

M=Mixed (residential or commercial)
F=Full Prim
M=Mature (Moderated)
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