Vacant Coral Estates Parcels

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Full Regions (0)


Homestead (7)

Bounty Bay IVHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateR65536500062007
Coral CoastHAL1 Homestead Estate ManagerR65536500062007
IndiraHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateR65536500063997
Coral Estates IslandsHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateS65536500070007
Coral SpringsHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateS65536500078997
CreekHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateS65536500080007
Playa ParaisoHAL1 Homestead Full Rights EstateS65536500079997

Commercial (31)

AerialsFAL1 Grass Corner North WestC327681500085007
Amber IslandFAL2 Grass Waterfront Side SouthC8192300019907
Amber IslandFAL7 Grass Corner West SideC4096150011997
Amber IslandFAL9 Grass SkyBox Land MiddleC409615009807
Amorphis VIFAL2 Grass Corner South WestC8192300022007
Cape MarazulFAL5 Grass Waterfront EastC8192300019807
Coral DreamFAL2 Grass Corner South EastC8192300022007
Coral GladeFAL1 Grass Waterfront Side EastC327681200082507
Coral LaceFAL3 Sand Corner South EastC16384750052507
Coral LaceFALot 4 Grass North WestC16384750045007
Coral SunsetFML2 Grass Corner South WestC16384500042507
CristalFAL6 Grass Corner North WestC4096150013997
Crystal CoveFAL5 Grass Corner South EastC8192300022007
Eternal LoveFAL3 Grass Waterfront EastC409615009907
Harvest IslandFAL5 Grass Corner North EastC8192300022007
Harvest IslandFAL6 Grass Waterfront WestC8192300019807
Isla MargaritaFAL6 Grass Waterfront East SideC409615009807
KauaiFML1 Sand Corner North WestC16384500040007
KauaiFML2 Sand Corner North EastC8192250022007
KyraFML4 Grass Corner South EastC6144225017997
Latin FusionFAL3 Sand Corner South WestC16384500045007
MazbanFML3 Grass Waterfront SouthC8192414328007
Midnight DreamsFAL3 Grass Corner South EastC16384600040007
Misty WoodlandsFAL3 Grass Corner North EastC16384750042507
NysaFAL2 Grass Waterfront Side NorthC327681500085007
PitcairnFAL1 Sand Corner North WestC8192300022007
PolluxFAL9 Grass Skybox Land CenterC409618759807
SakuraFML12 Sand Waterfront SouthC4096187516997
UplandFAL11 Grass Waterfront Side WestC409615009807
Willow IsleFAL2 Sand Waterfront WestC409615009397

Residential (30)

AlwaysHAL1 Sand Waterfront Side NorthR32768250035007
Armony IslandFAL7 Grass Waterfront SouthR4096187516997
Banana IslandsHAL2 Sand Corner North EastR16384125017257
Beech CoveHAL1 Grass Waterfront SouthR32768250032007
Beech CoveHAL2 Grass Waterfront NorthR32768250032007
Blue SpringFML2 Grass Waterfront WestR8192250019507
Blue SpringFML3 Grass Waterfront EastR8192250019507
Cape ParadiseFML1 Grass Waterfront EastR8192375025007
Coral PalmsFAL2 Grass Waterfront Side EastR4096208115997
Diamond LoveFAL6 Sand Waterfront Side EastR8192300022007
Enchanted HabanaHAL1 Grass Corner North WestR16384133719907
Fantasy IslandsFAL17 Sand Waterfront Side WestR6144225017997
Fantasy IslandsFAL6 Sand Skybox Land CenterR10243743007
Fantasy IslandsFAL7 Sand Middle Side SimR10243743007
Honors HideawayFAL1 Sand Skybox Floor Middle SimR4096125012507
Honors HideawayFAL10 Sand Waterfront WestR4096125012507
Honors HideawayFAL3 Sand Waterfront WestR4096125012507
Honors HideawayFAL7 Sand Waterfront Side SouthR20486256257
ItacaFAL3 Grass Waterfront Side NorthR327681657595007
KealaniFML1 Sand Skybox Land CenterR409612509357
KealaniFML2 Sand Corner South WestR8192250019997
Lower AustriaHAL1 Grass Corner South EastR16384125018007
MadeiraFAL7 Grass Corner South WestR4096225016997
Quest IslandFAL1 Grass Corner South EastR16384855052507
Quest IslandFAL7 Grass Waterfront Side WestR6144320525997
Secret GardenHAL3 Sand Corner South WestR518479015997
Seductive RomanceFAL15 Grass Waterfront Side EastR20487506507
Seductive RomanceFAL25 Grass Middle Side SimR409615009997
Thunder DomeFML9 Grass Waterfront SouthR20486256257
Tropic ParadiseFML2 Grass Skybox Land CenterR256011719997

Sailing (16)

Coral DesireHAL5 Sand Middle Side SimS313664510007
Coral EdgeHAL2 Sand Waterfront Side EastS16384250039997
Coral HorizonteHAL4 Sand Corner South SunsetS7392112617997
Coral LagunaHAL1 Sand Sunset Side WestS8000128119997
Coral LagunaHAL6 Sand Corner North EastS8960143422007
Coral SmileHAL2 Sand Waterfront SunsetS13696208835987
Coral SweetHAL3 Sand WestS432087815007
Coral SweetHAL4 Sand Sunset Side WestS480097716997
Coral VelvetHML7 Sand Waterfront SouthS28805699997
Key ShoresHML3 Sand Sunset Side WestS8064123020007
Mystical BreezeHAL1 Sand Waterfront SunsetS8192125020007
Mystical BreezeHAL3 Sand Sunrise Side EastS8192125020007
Mystical ShoreHAL1 Sand Sunrise Side EastS547283413997
Porto CoralHAL4 Sand Sunrise Side EastS409678013997
Porto VallartaHML1 Sand Sunset Side WestS43525949997
Porto VallartaHML5 Sand Sunset Side WestS465663511997

Mixed (19) ( Commercial - Residential )

Amber IslandFAL5 Grass Corner Side EastM6144225017507
Coral SandFAL4 Grass Corner South EastM16384600042507
CristalFAL8 Grass Waterfront WestM8192300019807
Crystal CoveFAL10 Grass Center SimM20487504997
Eternal LoveFAL5 Grass Waterfront WestM20487507507
Eternal LoveFAL9 Grass Waterfront SouthM20487506997
KyraFML3 Grass Waterfront Side SouthM20487506507
Midnight DreamsFAL2 Grass Waterfront WestM8192300018507
Midnight DreamsFAL4 Grass Waterfront SouthM8192300018507
MoonshineFAL2 Grass Waterfront SouthM327681200085007
PitcairnFAL4 Sand Waterfront WestM8192300019807
PitcairnFAL6 Sand Waterfront WestM8192300019807
PsycheFAL1 Grass Waterfront SouthM327681000072507
PsycheFAL2 Grass Waterfront NorthM327681000072507
Seductive RomanceFAL11 Grass Waterfront Side NorthM4096150012007
Seductive RomanceFAL17 Skybox Middle Side SimM409615009807
Willow IsleFAL15 Sand Waterfront EastM409615009357
Willow IsleFAL7 Sand Skybox Land CenterM409615009357
Willow IsleFAL9 Sand Waterfront SouthM409615009357

Displaying 103 Entrys

Total Sqm: 1,402,384 (21.4)
Total Prims: 326,546

M=Mixed (residential or commercial)
F=Full Prim
M=Mature (Moderated)
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